“Facilitating the establishment of environment that enhances good governance by changing the native social core-values, behavioral patterns and the attitudes optimistically.”


“A great institute that protects the equality of the whole community in a harmonizing environment and the supremacy of the human values”

(0 – 5 years)

Healthy and Secure Infants

We know a healthy beginning for infants means future promise , so we promote programs that offer.

(6 – 14 years)

Educated and Confident Children

We support children as they GROW AND DEVELOP, so we promote programs that offer.

(16 -24 years)

Skilled and Involved Youth

We assist youth with the CRITICAL TRANSITION to adulthood, so we promote programs that offer

Our services

(age 0-5)


Conducive environment to achieve proper growth and development for infants and young children in Ruhunuwellassa area federation.

(age 6-14)


Enhancing educational environment and improving life skills by connecting parents, children and schools in the Hambantota RWAF project area.

(Age 15-24)


Confident and Recognized Youth


  • When enrolling a child to the Project, his/her race, caste, health condition, religion or political leanings should not be taken into consideration.
  • Children between the ages of 0 – 12 years are eligible for enrollment.
  • Unless in special circumstances, only one child from a family could be enrolled.
  • The enrolled child’s permanent residence should be with one’s family within the defined project area.
  • A child from a family of 4 members or less, earning a monthly income of Rs 9000/- or more, cannot be enrolled. An allowance of Rs 1500/- could be kept for every excess member.
  • A child from a family owning 3 acres of land or more than one acre of rice-fields is not eligible.
  • A child receiving sponsorship from any other international organization cannot be enrolled.
  • Children of project staff members or blood relatives are not eligible.
  • If a child’s parent or guardian refuses to sign the declaration approving the child’s enrollment, such a child is not eligible for enrollment.